• Cottage Community in Tennessee’s most Historic Town

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  • Walkable. Sustainable. Home.

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  • Parks. Alleyways. Outdoor Living Areas.

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The Town-Jonesborough

Historic Small Town located in the Tri-Cities region of East Tennessee.

The Neighborhood

A tree lined walkable community filled with pocket parks and friends.

The Home

Front porches, outdoor living areas, energy efficient sustainable homes.

What New Halifax Residents Are Saying

We think New Halifax is a wonderful place to live. It is a neighborhood where people of all ages still visit each other and enjoy a chat on the porch and the children stop by to have their bikes repaired.

Cindy LeesHomeonwer

Living in New Halifax is like living in a small town. Neighbors chat with each other, exchange information about favorite flowers and plantings, watch out for each other, help each other. It’s great to see a friendly face as we walk along the Neighborhood streets and match up names, faces, and addresses. Living so close to downtown Jonesborough and all its wonderful shops, events, and weekend festivities is another plus. I’ve never lived in any other community where the local agencies… whether public safety, utilities, government… take such a personal interest in its citizens, and are so willing to help those of us with special needs. Thank you New Halifax and Jonesborough for making me feel so much a part of the community!

Louise SkalkoHomeowner

We love the style of the homes and the strong community atmosphere. The small town feel is relaxing.

Herman KillianHomeowner

New Halifax